Indonesian Fun Friday


Posted by aswhi | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on July 31, 2013

We tried Indonesian fried rice last Friday. This is what 1/2W thought about the fried rice:

Bonnie- yum

Tatiana- delicious

Gabby- really nice

Cassidy- very delicious

Ruby- yummy

Christian- perfect

Callum- so yum

Hally-Rose- tasty

Jake- cooked well

Kayden- yum as

Cathay- fantastic

Troy- one of the best thing I have tasted in my life!

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Wow that sounds delicious 1/2W. I wish I was there! It looks like you all enjoyed your yummy fried rice!

Thank you for writing on our blog Hannah. If you were in 1/2W this year or 2013 then you could have had fried rice.
From Jake
in 1/2W

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