Indonesian Fun Friday


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We tried Indonesian fried rice last Friday. This is what 1/2W thought about the fried rice:

Bonnie- yum

Tatiana- delicious

Gabby- really nice

Cassidy- very delicious

Ruby- yummy

Christian- perfect

Callum- so yum

Hally-Rose- tasty

Jake- cooked well

Kayden- yum as

Cathay- fantastic

Troy- one of the best thing I have tasted in my life!

Our favourite things about Australia


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Justin- Army who protect us.

Gabby-nice people and making new friends.

Hally-Rose- good environment.

Ruby- beaches, animals, flowers and trees.

Bonnie- it is the safest country.

Cassidy-the schools, the shops, the people and the food.

Troy- shops, jobs, food and the prime minister.

Darci- Sharks and Rays, Ballam Park, the lizards and snakes.

Tatiana- that family live here and the food and the people.

Christian- there are no earthquakes, there is healthy food and lots of water.

Callum-shops, and fish and chips.

Owen- Kangaroo’s, ambulance, fire men and police.

Cathay-Family live here, schools.

Kayden- Australian lizards, plants, fishin and the beaches.

Kobey- ANZAC Day, parks and ovals to play on.

Jake- the Army, the police, and the Prime Minister.

Jordan- animals, healthy food, shops, books.


Air Transport


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This term we are learning about transport. This week we have focused on air transport. Today we learnt about hot air balloons and even made some!

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