The Frankston East Cinderella Dance


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On Friday we wrote invitations to our dance, then we made crowns. We wore these to our dance and had a fantastic time.

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Hello 1/2 W ad Miss White,
This is Hannah from school, and I would of loved to be at your Cinderella dance but I could’nt beacause I am in the other buildng but it looked like you had a fantastic time making your crowns they look great!!!
I’m sure all of the grades had a great time making invotations and crowns and danced at the Royal Cinderella dance!!!!
Good bye:)

Thank you for writing to us Hannah. We really liked what you said to us, it was really nice. You are very nice because you wrote to us. How is your grade this year? We hope that you will have a good year with your new class. We had our dance in Mrs Meehan’s classroom.
From 1/2W and Miss White

You look amazing yeah like Hannah I would have enjoyed watching you with your Cinderella dance!!
Bye 🙂 xx

Hi Jade. If you were in this buiding you could have come to the Cinderella dance. From 1/2W and Miss White

Hi this is Jaelan. We think you have a great blog. I liked everything on your blog.

I liked the photos of your hot air balloons. -Matty

I loved you hot air balloons. They look awesome. -Michelle and Tristan

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