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Hey 1/2W,
I love your iHelp wall. Did your clever teacher make that? Can you tell me more about it? I might want to make one for my classroom!

Mrs Hazzledine

Hello Mrs Hazzlesdine,
It is meant to be like an iPhone, the “apps” are jobs, and we peg on the names to each job and rotate every 2 weeks. Together as a grade we came up with the jobs we needed. Thanks for checking out our blog
Miss White and 1/2W

hello miss white ,we think you ihelp job chart is a great idea iam thinking i should make one for home ,must say love the way you run your classroom .

MMiss White, i just have to let you know what a fantastic term one 1/2w have had. All thanks to you, their wonderful new teacher, “Miss White”.
From the way you speak to your class, to the creative ways you have set up and ran your classroom ichart etc. I really enjoy the blogs (always up to date info) and of course the photos.
A big “thankyou” for being the best with new inspiring ideas and making my son so happy. Congratulations Miss White, have a Happy Easter.

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